Friday, September 14, 2007

hi, guys!

My friends, I'm gradually coming to the realization that I'm just going to be a blogging dilettante for the nonce. Life is happening! And it's all good, I'm a happy summer-into-fall camper, but I just have to live it and not worry about blogging it, you know? The briefest of summaries in classic IT project manager bullet points below are:
  • I did get a part in the show with the director! But not the first show of his season, his second, which begins rehearsals mid-October with shows the weekends of November 30 and the 2 weeks following.
  • It's a new, startup theater and I offered to create him a website. It's in the infancy stages, but I think it's going to be just about the nicest site I've ever done, which makes me think it's time to hang out my own web-related business shingle (I mean site) one day soon. Anyway, I'll try to remember to post a link to the Shaker Bridge Theater site when it goes live. [See it here.]
  • Am also building a site for a friend who's a physical therapist, and doggone if that doesn't look pretty nice, too. Ditto re: the link. [here]
  • My real work (IT project management) continues to be busy and gratifying.
  • Simba is doing well!
  • So is The Huz!
  • Got to do some travelling for a couple of weeks in August. I'm not an Orlando fan, but I was down there for a conference and I'm still raving about the hotel there. See previous post. After that the Huz and I went to a nice Christian camp called Camp of the Woods with some friends who go there every summer. It was great!
  • Next weekend we leave for a few days to visit my sis in Seattle for her [cough]ty-eighth birthday, looking forward to fresh seafood and lots of family time and perhaps, perhaps, even a few games of pinochle with her pals!
  • Pal Robin and I are continuing to work our way through every doggone season of Buffy & The Vampire Slayer sequentially, a show that I missed entirely (purposely) during its run and which I've surprised myself by enjoying lots!
And I guess that's about it for now. Life is good here in the soon-to-be-golden Northeast. I hope you're feeling similarly blessed.