Saturday, July 09, 2005

Simba, nose down

I love it when Simba sleeps with his nose between his paws. Click the picture to see it larger. And I ask you, is this dog color-coordinated perfectly with my house, or what?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Simba belongs with your house. Is he a permanent resident yet?

I've got this blog on my favorites now. Hope to enjoy more of this as the days go by. Love how this blogging helps me know people better.


PatL said...

Yes! He's been a fulltime member of the family for a little over a month now, and it's working out great. I thanked Todd the other night for letting me have this little dog, and he said in his cautious way, "It seems to be working out OK so far ... " The other day I was talking about living in NYC again (not that we're going to) and mentioned that Simba wouldn't be a good apartment dog, and he asked why not and said he's great indoors. So I think he's really fine with all this! (The reason he wouldn't be a good apartment dog is because sometimes he barks for a long time when I leave him. I didn't know that until one day when I left him when Todd was home but outside. Todd said he barked the entire time I was gone. But he waits until I'm out of earshot to do it, I guess!)

Thanks, you're my first commenter!!!