Monday, February 06, 2006

The Hope of India story

I realize up to now my posts about the trip to India have consisted mostly of discussions of looking out windows and shopping. Of course, the whole point of the trip, and what we spent most of our time on, was picking up Hope from the orphanage, falling in love with her, and learning all about this new little person in our midst. The tricky thing about blogging about all that is my desire to both respect her privacy and protect her from those who love children in an unwholesome way. So, there are cute little shots of her sleeping and bathing and playing that simply won't appear on this website.

But here are some shots of the stunning moment when this little child was introduced to us, at her orphanage in Pune. I'll just put as many of the pictures up here as I can, with a minimum of commentary.


The first pictures

exhausted and confused

Meenal, our social worker, and the wife of the manager of the orphanage. Because we picked up Hope on a Saturday, the manager himself was not available.

Accoutrements for the ceremony

Our first car ride

Leaning into the stroke

... to be continued ...

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