Thursday, September 08, 2005

Simba on Rodent Patrol

Simba loves to chase squirrels, and he never catches them, so I encourage it. It's great exercise for him and, truth be told, I find the squirrels a little pesky. Especially those dratted red squirrels, who sound off at all hours of the morning, even when they must surely know we're all trying to sleep. So, I'm certain Simba's attentions help keep the numbers down and that's a good thing.

This shot was taken after he had successfully cleared the yard of rodents of all colors. He often then comes up on the deck so he can scan the yard to be sure nobody else needs chasing.

I'm letting his coat grow out from previous clippings, and you can see in this picture that it's starting to get nice and feathery. Soft as silk, too. :o) [click the picture to see it full-sized]

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