Monday, November 27, 2006

cloudy monday #5

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. The Huz and I flew to the heartland, as usual, to hang out with my extended family, overeat, laugh, and play a lot. The place where we were staying had not just a modem, but a very slow modem, so blogging was out of the question. But now that the holidays are over, I have lots of ideas for new posts so you simply MUST come back soon!

Meantime, isn't this a stunningly brooding scene?


Lynne said...

What an awesome photo! There's always something so remarkable about how nature has a way of being both beautiful and ominous at the same time.
But then nature often has that kind of balance of opposites to it, doesn't it?

Cyndi said...

I love those clouds. Weather of any kind fascinates me. Sometimes I get bored here in socal with "clear, sunny, and hot."