Saturday, July 21, 2007

hello? hello?

No, it's not a cloudy Monday, but this photo is appropriate because I feel like one of those really lame fair-weather friends, you know the ones, they love to hang out with you when there's nothing more interesting going on in their lives, but the minute there's any other possibility zoom! they're gone in a cloud of dust as you raise your hand to say, "Hey! Wait a minute! What about me?" You know? One of those kinds of friends. I have been missing in action, remiss, misappropriated, misplaced, Miss Where Are You for just ages!

But I'm not one of those kinds of friends, really I'm not. My life just got a teensy little bit out of control and I've been buried under a veritable landslide of two things: work (and the heading says "not very much about work" and I promise I'm going to spare you the details) and acting. All of it good stuff, but truly without enough time to even get the bare essentials done, never mind the things I love to do that unfortunately don't help pay the mortgage. The phrase I've been using with my local pals is that I've been setting a "personal best" for busyness. Not that it's good, but it's definitely been extreme, even for me.

But all that is behind me now, and I'm back, and I'm so glad to see you, and how have you been? Let's settle down here on the couch with some frosty mugs of diet root beer because we are that fabulicious and sensible all at the same time and get all caught up with the goings-on, and did you really? and no way! and gosh it's been a long time, I've really missed you and the laughter and the tears and let's not ever let it be this long again OK?

So I'm back, with a stack of digital photos (didn't know you could stack them, did you?) and some stories to tell, and I'm not going to start right this minute but I really think I'm back, so please stay tuned, and oh yes! My friend ... have you forgiven me enough to leave a little comment to let me know you've dropped by?

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Barbara said...

Great to see you back! Hope you have some pics of Simba in that stack.