Friday, September 14, 2007

hi, guys!

My friends, I'm gradually coming to the realization that I'm just going to be a blogging dilettante for the nonce. Life is happening! And it's all good, I'm a happy summer-into-fall camper, but I just have to live it and not worry about blogging it, you know? The briefest of summaries in classic IT project manager bullet points below are:
  • I did get a part in the show with the director! But not the first show of his season, his second, which begins rehearsals mid-October with shows the weekends of November 30 and the 2 weeks following.
  • It's a new, startup theater and I offered to create him a website. It's in the infancy stages, but I think it's going to be just about the nicest site I've ever done, which makes me think it's time to hang out my own web-related business shingle (I mean site) one day soon. Anyway, I'll try to remember to post a link to the Shaker Bridge Theater site when it goes live. [See it here.]
  • Am also building a site for a friend who's a physical therapist, and doggone if that doesn't look pretty nice, too. Ditto re: the link. [here]
  • My real work (IT project management) continues to be busy and gratifying.
  • Simba is doing well!
  • So is The Huz!
  • Got to do some travelling for a couple of weeks in August. I'm not an Orlando fan, but I was down there for a conference and I'm still raving about the hotel there. See previous post. After that the Huz and I went to a nice Christian camp called Camp of the Woods with some friends who go there every summer. It was great!
  • Next weekend we leave for a few days to visit my sis in Seattle for her [cough]ty-eighth birthday, looking forward to fresh seafood and lots of family time and perhaps, perhaps, even a few games of pinochle with her pals!
  • Pal Robin and I are continuing to work our way through every doggone season of Buffy & The Vampire Slayer sequentially, a show that I missed entirely (purposely) during its run and which I've surprised myself by enjoying lots!
And I guess that's about it for now. Life is good here in the soon-to-be-golden Northeast. I hope you're feeling similarly blessed.


Barbara said...

Glad to see you're busy in a good way. Congrats on the part in the play!

Give sweet Simba a pat on the noggin' for me. (oh, what the heck, give the huz a pat on the noggin' too - don't want him to feel left out, ha)

Orland isn't my first choice of places in FL. We love New Smyrna Beach - about an hour's drive east from Orlando. Great little beach town.

Have a great time in Seattle. We were only there briefly two years ago. Basically from the airport to the cruise terminal. Wish I'd gotten to see more of it, especially their new library.

Sophie and her servants (the huz and I) are well. Sophie sends her best to Simba.

Ed Tep said...

PatL - It's good to hear that life is treating u and your family well, especially little Simba.