Friday, June 24, 2005

Major fauna sightings!

What a day it's been!

This morning as I sat at my laptop downstairs, I heard a hawk calling repeatedly. I was busy typing away, but finally I looked out the window because I know if a hawk's around, then my songbirds are at risk and I often will run outside and make noise to scare the hawks away. And when I looked out the window, I got the best hawk sighting I've ever had! It was sitting on top of the pole that anchors all the utilities that come onto our property, just behind my perennial garden. Big guy, maybe the size of a very large crow, white bands on the tail, some white on the wing, banded breast, beady yellow eye (I got the binocs). He got nervous with me watching, turned his back to me & looked over his shoulder, then took off toward the road ... carrying a honking big, very dead snake! Todd says it was probably a broadwing hawk.

Then this evening, again I was sitting at the table using the laptop when I heard what sounded to me like a furious cat, but not a domestic one. It was sounding off down near the neighbor's house, and moving our way. It really sounded like a movie panther, but not that big. Bobcat? Fisher? We've seen both around here. It passed behind our house, getting Simba very excited, continued on, and then stopped sounding off. Never did figure out just what it was.

Finally, late this evening when I went outside to get the dangling feeders off the line for the night, I spotted a beautiful luna moth. They're so huge, and just unearthly beautiful. It was attracted by our lights out back, of course. I called Todd to look at it, and then didn't it just land right on the kitchen window. We were able to lean over the sink and get a fabulous close look at it from the underside. Gorgeous.


monica said...

Great photo!

PatL said...

Thanks. Unfortunately, I must give credit to someone else ... I snagged this photo off the web! :o)