Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A raffle that does good!

If you've been wanting to do something for the victims of the earthquake in Kashmir/Pakistan, here's a great idea: a raffle! Check out the Menu for Hope II list of prizes, choose the ones you like, and then make a Visa or Mastercard donation (which goes directly to Unicef, earmarked for the earthquake victims) specifying which items you're joining the raffle for. The last time I looked, some of the raffle items had NO entries for them, which means your odds of winning are excellent! (Check out the Cooking with Amy Very Maple Syrup cookbook plus granola!) Hurry, the raffle ends this Friday!

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mll said...

Okay, so this is Tuesday already... where's the detailed story????? (hey, you told me to sass you--just trying to do as I'm told!!)