Thursday, March 23, 2006

and we have a winner!

Ok, my friends, this is Simba speaking. The moment of truth has arrived. She Who Feeds Me needed to pick a winner for her caption contest, and what a dither she was in. The truth is, she couldn't do it. You should have seen her, pacing the floor and muttering to herself, "Every one of these captions is so much better than anything I would have added! How can I pick one? It's impossible!

"Lynne with her clever homage to Simba's love of rodents, MLL with early inspiration (he does look like he's praying!) and then a later hilarious burst of inspiration about flies on our food."

I sure hope She Who Feeds Me didn't tell her how scared I am of big buzzy flies!

"Elizabeth playing beautifully off my involvement in a play, Mike harkening back to the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials, Eva tying in my cooking classes. Stew with his "where's the love" evokes a laugh every time I read it. Mary H coming up with four entries all at once, each one funnier than the last! Rick going all canine Hamlet on us ... yikes! How can I choose? These guys all deserve prizes!"

She was fretting, and fussing. Fussing and fretting. Wearing my persian carpet thin with the pacing.

I had to step in.

So, what's the soft warm fuzzy handsome dog of a computer geek to do? "I know, I know, I'll write a program!" But I came to my senses. Not that I couldn't master programming if I tried, mind you, but there's the thing with those little keys. My paws are too big, and my nose leaves wet marks on them. She Who Feeds Me hates it when I do that.

But, see, being the dog of a computer geek, I knew there had to be lots of websites that will generate a random number or two for you. So, I googled "simple random number generator" (Ok, so a few keys got a little damp) and found this site. I assigned each entry a number, ran the number generator, and came up with number 6: Eva Alice! Congratulations, Eva! She Who Feeds Me will be delighted to contact you (after all, that's the EASY part!) to see which book you'd like for your prize.

And now she can get back to the most blood-pressure-lowering activity of all, stroking my belly fur. Ahhhhhh. I've earned it.

P.S. Now that I've got things under control, I've also decided that this should be "our" entry in Weekend Dog Blogging. She Who Feeds Me needs a break from decision-making for a while.


mll said...

That was great fun!! Thanks for doing that for us!!! someday, maybe, I'll learn what a random # generator is, but in the meantime, I just thought it was great fun.

I've done green beans just as you described the broccoli!! Can't wait to try it on those flowerettas. And beer? Where was the beer?

Paz said...

So cute!