Friday, March 31, 2006

murder and simba, a harmonious blend

We're in the runup to the murder mystery dinner, which will be next Saturday, the 8th. Which means we're heading into Hell Week: 3-hour rehearsals every night starting tomorrow. I'm surprised and delighted to find that my spirits are still pretty good! Despite constant rehearsals, negotiations, suggestions for improvements in performances, changes this way, changes back, all my co-thespians apparently still like each other! or at least, I still like them ... and my stress levels aren't doing too badly.

The latter situation has been greatly aided by being able to complete a few projects and get them off the list; and also by having a fabulous co-laborer in the banquet arena. She's so calm, so competent, and so experienced, that I just feel as if I have nothing to worry about, nothing that comes up will faze her, the show will go on!

So far we have a little over 70 folks signed up for the banquet, and there is usually a last-minute rush of signups, so hurray! We should have a full house for the benefit. Any my acting debut. Ahem.

Anyway, all this lightening of the load (and consequently of my spirits) left me feeling as if I had time to enjoy watching Simba as he wandered up our hill this morning. The sun was peeking over the hill behind him, and he is a wonder to behold with sunlight coming through that red-blond fur. I got lots of fun shots for him, which I will edit and post later, but for now I just had to share this beauty with you!

And this will be my entry for Sweetnick's Weekend Dog Blogging. For a riotously funny, touchingly poignant, loving look at canine friends, check it out this Sunday night.

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