Saturday, May 06, 2006

home, sweet home

Simba the timid. Simba the anxious. Simba the ... dominant doggie?

Hope's little dog Teddie is a very dominant shih tzu male. He growls when you pick him up, growls when you rub his tummy, will absolutely NOT surrender any toy to your tugging hand, etc. So, we're all amazed to see my sweet, submissive little dog totally dominate him! Here's a shot of Simba sleeping in Teddie's bed. Where was Teddie, you might ask? All hangdog over under the dining room table, that's where.

I guess all that timid stuff is situational. Anxious around new people? You bet. New dogs? Stand back!

This is my submission for Sweetnick's Weekend Dog Blogging. If you love dogs, you will enjoy checking out her blog Sunday night to see the lineup of much-loved canines in all their doggie glory!


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

He looks so sweet.

paz said...

So cute!