Thursday, September 07, 2006

more theater!

Those of you who know me only through my blog haven't heard this yet. Those of you who know me in person are probably tired of hearing about it. "This" and "it" refer to the fact that I'm involved in another theatrical production! Yeah! This time with a real part! YEAH! With lines to memorize ... oh yeah ... :o)

It's with a small community theater in a town about half an hour away. Small is good ... I'll try this out without a large crowd and lots of expectations on me, not to mention without having the financial success of a show riding on my shoulders. Half an hour away is not so good at first blush, but it actually works out pretty well, as I've taped my scenes with big blanks where my lines go, so I'm a bit ahead of the curve in memorizing my lines.

So what's the show, you ask? It's the first play of Neil Simon's that ever made it to Broadway, and it was a smash hit. It's called "Come Blow Your Horn." The movie starred Frank Sinatra, Jill St. John, Lee J. Cobb, and Barbara Rush. It's a fun story about a swingin' bachelor (guess who) who deals with a demanding dad, a fledgling younger brother just leaving the nest, a bevy of sexy ladies who keep him hopping socially, and the one woman who's different and who's out to win his heart --- c'est moi. The girl who's different. Yup, that fits!

I'm having an absolute blast with rehearsals. My, oh my, am I ever a ham. And I'm enjoying playing a show from the days when the whole dynamic between men and women was "He chases her till she catches him." Guys were "after one thing and one thing only" and there was a double standard about sex and it was all a big game to try to figure out how a "girl" could get a "man" to commit to marriage. It makes for some very entertaining theater! Layer on top of that Neil Simon's wit, and a nice group of actors and director, and this is really a lot of fun. Even with nightly rehearsals a half an hour away from here.

Of course, it COULD mean I'll be posting a bit less frequently ... but I already know you guys, you're a patient lot! :o)

But I do know I owe you a post about the mystery dish, and I promise it will be up by tomorrow! Till then ...


Ilsa said...

just watch out for those killer stairs at the theater up there! lol

Lynne said...

It sounds like you're having a great time and I bet you're going to be fantastic in it! Will you be able to post pictures of yourself in your leading lady role?
And yes, you do owe us a post about the mystery dish. It's still driving me crazy!