Monday, January 29, 2007

cloudy monday #11

Life is busy, people. Man, I am so pressed for time I'm only about an inch thick right now. Between some really great work projects, and a part in a new play (!), I barely have time to breathe, never mind write my usual love letters to you all here on this blog. So, like other loved ones, I hope you will rest content in your belovedness without requiring overt evidence thereof, and as I find time to surface for air I will try to post a picture here, a comment there ... and hope that things let up a little soon so I can resume our correspondence. Meantime, please take care of your blessed self, and I hope to catch up with you later!

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Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

I can relate to being pressed for time. In addition to working Mon-Sat this week, on Sun we're having a retirement party at work which I'm in charge of. Then I get to face another week of work.

Here's to both of us finding some time for some peace and quiet.

Glenna said...

Congrats on the role--what play? Hang in there and take deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed. We'd love to hear all about it when you find time...