Sunday, April 29, 2007

Simba says "Bye, Zeke!"

In loving memory of Zeke, gentle companion of Faith and Jerry for 14 years
Hey, dog lovers! This Sunday night, we can expect to see lots of canine hijinks over at Weekend Dog Blogging at Sweetnick's place. Head on over for head shots, tummy shots, jump shots and what nots!
more pictures of Simba
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pat!

See the great Thanksgiving Dog Celebration with Zeke (black dog on top), Simba, and Tucker.


Go a few days after that to see a few more dog photos of all 3.


Barbara said...

So sorry to hear about Zeke (even if I never knew him).

Ed Tep said...

Awww. Please share our condolences with Faith and Jerry.