Monday, February 20, 2006

I've done it again ...

I've overscheduled myself. In my defense, I had no possible way to know when I committed to all these things that they would all land in this little section of my calendar. What things, you may ask? Thanks for asking; I've been wanting to whine!
  1. Cooking for a group of 20(!) for four days the end of this week, in a small kitchen with no commercial equipment and marginal ergonomics, a dining room barely able to contain that number, with only part-time help, in a town 75 miles north of here.
  2. Cooking as much as possible for said group in advance of going there.
  3. Practicing for a play for a murder mystery dinner benefit scheduled for early April.
  4. Learning lines for said play.
  5. Acquiring a disco outfit for said play.
  6. Contriving and learning a dance routine for said play.
  7. Chairing a heap big meeting (ugh!) Wednesday with the building contractor for our church construction project. I chair the committee, keep the notes and follow up on most of the items.
  8. Meeting tomorrow with said contractor and interior design committee at local building supply company to view furnishings, wood trim, window styles, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera
  9. Teaching a cooking class next Monday night
  10. Shopping for said cooking class
And did you notice I didn't mention anything about work, which includes building a web-based progress tracker for one client as a preliminary to a fairly large project for them, designing and building a website for a local friend with a real estate rental company, investigating the plausibility of offering a class on a hot new technology, exploring the early stages of another website for another local friend, and learning said hot new technology to apply to said websites?

Isn't that just depressing? But, this too shall pass! So, I'm ducking out of any more postings this week, and will be back middle of next week with, I'm sure, stories and/or pictures and/or recipes. And will look forward to hearing the same from you!

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Eva said...

Well then. Have fun with all your committments, and may you not be required to be "committed" in another way when you're done.

Love ya!