Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's been a busy weekend. We went to a lecture and had a late dinner out Friday night. Saturday night was dinner and "cahds" with friends. The dinner was delicious ... skillet lasagna, home-made rolls, and tira misu, to which I contributed a lemony caesar salad (Ok, the lemony part was unintentional) with homemade croutons. I do so love homemade croutons. I don't need the excuse of a salad to eat them, and in fact did have some after dinner as a hand snack. Which alerted me to the fact that if I brought them home they would be sitting around inviting my attentions, so I left them with the friends. What good friends, to save me from temptation like that!

I come from a card-playing family, but the Huz doesn't, so we rarely ever get together with friends for cards. When we go to Iowa to see my extended family at Thanksgiving, we have a tradition of two generations of "the girls" getting together that Friday night for euchre and hearts. It is such a blast!! I really miss that around-the-table, just-us-and-the-cards, hanging-out time. So last night was absolute balm to my card-parched soul. And it didn't hurt that Lady Luck was smiling on me last night! :o)

And tonight we have a group coming over for a potluck at our house. I'm making The Barefoot Contessa's Indonesian chicken, of the "Lauren Bacall gets grumpy when we're out of our Indonesian Chicken" fame. If it turns out well, I'll blog it tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Also, I am pleased and delighted and excited to announce that tomorrow (Monday) I will be featured as the guest blogger at Chef Michele's Adventures! Chef Michele is "a 33 year old mother of 3 striving to keep our family food budget under control while still enjoying the tasty things in life." Her site features a variety of recipes and tips, with an emphasis on frugal meals. Please go check out my posting over at her site, and leave her a message saying "Hey!" while you're there!

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WebSorceress said...

Hey Pat,

Thanks for visiting my weekly blogging event "Just Desserts." Old recipes are fine as they will be new to lots of us. I too have cut out desserts for the most part. But I love to bake and my coworkers usually reap the rewards.

I also just finished reading your article at Chef Michele's and thought it was great. I can't wait to check out "How to cook without a book."

I too have noticed that the more I cook, the less I need specific recipes. Now, I'll find a recipe that sounds good just for new inspiration. I may make it the first time as the recipe states, but after that I make it my own.

Also, I wanted to let you know I am adding you to my food blogs section on my next update.