Sunday, April 30, 2006

caption not-contest #3 recap

Sorry I'm late recapping the caption contest. Friday afternoon, we headed down for a weekend visit with Hope and her family for her birthday, the first one with her new family. She turned two on Saturday.

Of course, she had no clue what all the hoopla was about. She just knew there were a lot of people at her house, and for some reason people clapped and smiled a lot when she ripped paper off stuff, which made her look around and grin. And there was a camera stuck in front of nearly every face. And since she has some of her Aunt Pat’s ham in her, she smiled and waved at the cameras, and “jumped” (no feet left the floor) and hooted and said “I uv oo” on command.

She had a set of grandparents and two full sets of great grandparents there. Imagine! Until December she had no family at all, and now she had all these folks to dote on her on her second birthday. It was wonderful.

Anyway, I took my laptop along. It being a longish trip, I settled into the back seat of the car with legs propped up and Simba shivering beside me (not cold, just not a good traveler, poor guy) and proceeded to do the caption recap. I had opened the comments page in my browser before disconnecting the laptop. I had also opened a "create post" page so I could type straight into it, figuring to get it all typed up, then hibernate the laptop and reconnect when I reached our destination. You know what they say: tblpomam ... in IM-speak "the best-laid plans of mice and men" ... OK, so nobody's actually used that in IM, but don't you think we should?

Naturally, the browser froze up after I had it all nearly typed in, and no manner of patience or coaxing would cause it to thaw out. So I had to shut it down, at which point not only was all my work lost, but I also couldn't see the comments. So, we got to Hope's house, dove into the weekend, and the recap just had to wait till my return. So, again, sorry!

So here's the recap in all its* glory:

(Click for a closer view)

Our very first entry came from Ed Tep from The Other Coast (you know, west, not east), a new "competitor" for our not-really-a-contest. His entry wins extra points for riffing off a show tune, and one that I've been known to bellow about the house from time to time, albeit with the original words:
I feel prissy. Oh so prissy!
So of course I immediately ran over to check out his blog, which has great recipes and fun writing about life in San Francisco, moving, eating, etc. Check it out!

Next up is the charming Ilsa, a/k/a Friend B, who nails it with (read with a German accent):
Hmmmm, left over right, or right over left......yes, I think left over right looks better. Yes, definitely. Phew, I'm glad that decision is done, now I can work on "To nap or not to nap," that is the question.
An actor's perspective, for sure. Gotta get that blocking right!

Barbara, a/ka/ She Who Has Simba's Twin, a/k/a She Who Knows Rodent-Chasing Canines, contributes this thought:
If a squirrel is running east at 5 miles per hour and a mouse is running west at 5 miles an hour, who would I chase? Oh decisions, decisions.......
Apt not only in its* subject matter, but also in its* cute, innocent, no-so-bright tone.

And the lovely Lynne, who secretly adores her dog just as much as I do mine --- just ask her --- points out the importance of permanent memorials to our pals. I happen to know Simba totally agrees.
I've got the pose right. Now they just need to build the statue.
We didn't have as many contributors as usual, but the quality was excellent! I get such a kick out of you guys, and thank you so much for humoring me, in all senses of the phrase!


* Forigive me, but I just have to mention a pet peeve: when people use "it's" as the possessive for "it." The possessive has no apostrophe, puh-lease don't do that, you'll save my my mouth no end of tooth grinding, and it's* important for its* health not to grind its* teeth! Thank you so very much. :o)

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