Sunday, April 16, 2006

Simbahhhh ...

The weather has been unseasonably warm all this winter and spring, giving us all access to the outdoors without having to bundle up like polar bears first. It's very unusual to have no snow cover at all at this time of year. There have even been days recently when I've been able to leave the back door open for Simba to go in and out, although now the flies are onto us so we have to keep the screen door closed. Often, I look outside to see him relaxing at the edge of the yard, on patrol ... sort of. More like on drugs. 'Ludes. Valium. Not that I would know anything about those.

If a rodent came by (our fond name for squirrels, chipmunks, and more rodentious rodents like mice and voles), make no mistake about it. He'd be in instant fifth gear, churning up the deck to get to the little guys. We definitely have a lower population since he's taken up permanent residence. He never catches 'em, but he causes 'em to consider other options for their meals for sure!

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Paz said...

LOL! Good for Simbahhh! ;-)