Saturday, November 19, 2005

Before & after

We may get a little more painting done on the house before winter sets in, but I'm not counting on it. So I ran out today to get a shot of the front of the house to show you its semi-final look.


You need to use your imagination a bit to "see" the final product. Imagine the deck isn't there at all. It's so old and soon to be removed, so we didn't bother painting it. If construction doesn't start next summer, though, we might reverse that decision. Anyway, stretch your imagination a bit more to imagine the trim around the door off the deck has been painted white, and also the sort of peaked roofline above the garage. Then you'll have the general idea.

The setting isn't as colorful as the "before" shot. You can even see remnants of snow on the ground from a dusting we received two days ago that hasn't fully melted. I had just painted the door its dark color, and was coming back to do the trim white when I noticed snowflakes coming down. Mind you, it was at least 35 degrees out, or I wouldn't have been painting. I'm hardy, but not foolhardy! (Hush up, Rick) Paint doesn't adhere well below 35 degrees, so I was pushing it a little to put the paint on at all. I tacked up some plastic so I could leave the front door open while it dried for a while at room temperature. But to paint the trim was going to require exposure to the elements. I could have kept going but, I don't know, it just didn't seem right somehow to paint in the snow!

I've surprised myself by enjoying the application of color to the trim & doors. I felt a little tense while we were struggling to get the colors right, but once we got started I've felt a rising excitement to see our little house starting to look respectable again. It really needed this paint job. And I really was happy to see it getting its light-colored coat of paint. It just made all the difference to me. Woodscapes is wonderful to work with, very full-bodied and with great coverage. We spent a few extra dollars getting good brushes, which have made all the difference in the world. And every trim item that got a coat of white primer (which is all that's on most of the lower-level stuff) just made the house look tidier and, I don't know, less like a dump!

I don't want to be one of those people who major on externals. I know it's just a house, and just paint. But I'm a pretty visual person, so the pleasure isn't about owning this house or pridefulness about its appearance. It's about visual contentment, appealingness for its own sake.

So, I have lots more painting to do when the weather permits, but I don't think I'll mind. Doing one set of windows whenever there's a day with time and good weather is a pretty nice way to go. Each bit of trim gets ticked off my little list, and that's a really satisfying feeling. And it's also good to know we're prolonging the life of our siding. And Woodscapes has an 8-year warranty for solid stain! We don't have to do this for at least another 8 years! Hmmm ... how old will I be in 8 years ... yikes! Way old. Todd will probably have to do it all himself next time. :o)

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