Monday, November 21, 2005

Speaking of cooking ...

... which of course I wasn't, not personally, but others have been ... I've been reading a bunch of food blogs like Kalyn's Kitchen and Simply Recipes, The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz, and Farmgirl Fare , all of which are a treat for the eyes and have great recipes as well.

And I'm inspired to try my hand at it soon. But not till next week, because tomorrow the huz and I go away for a real Thanksgiving (unlike those psuedo Thanksgivings practiced by others ... :o) in The Heartland. Yep, that's right, land of corn fields and corn-fed beef and corn-fed turkeys: Iowa. My cousin lays out a spread for her kids, grandkids, and inlaws that is pure down home.

Everyone brings something, and I guarantee you we'll have delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes,green bean casserole, fruit salad with cut-up Snickers bars (Ok, I gotta give an "eww" to that one), relishes, bread, and jello wigglers for the little ones. Sometimes we get lucky and someone fixes a duck with sweet dressing. I'd make the trip for that alone!

And, to top it off, cuz's house is situated right in the middle of ... you got it ... a corn field! I'll try to add a picture to this post on my return.

If there's time, I'm thinking of volunteering to make my New England Corn Bread, which is easy as can be and a hit anywhere I've served it. If you like a slightly sweet corn bread with corn bits in it and lots of butter, this is the one for you.

Yes, it's a cheater. It starts with a boxed mix. I haven't met anyone who has held that against me after they've tried it!


Kalyn said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning me. My sister makes that Snickers fruit salad. Big Yuck on that one for me too.

Paz said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the mention here.

So, did you make the cornbread? I trust you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration in The Heartland.