Monday, January 02, 2006

A great new year's breakfast

Since yesterday morning was Sunday, we had to be at church earlier than we normally like to eat on weekends (yup, night owls, us!), so this morning I prepared us a nice wholesome and delicious New Year's breakfeast. Found this recipe for Fruit & Yogurt Topped Oatmeal in Better Homes & Gardens. It was featured in an article about feeding kids the morning after a sleepover ... do we qualify? It was easy to make. Of course I modified it slightly to suit our tastes. IWe both enjoyed it a lot! Not low calorie, but filling and really, really good for us. T followed it up with a nice cup of tea made with the loose black tea and tea steeper that his Secret Santa (sister) gave him for Christmas. It was a wonderfully relaxing way to start our final day of the holidays.

If you don't like oatmeal, but you live with someone who does ... why not try this recipe so you can taste it? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you discovered that oatmeal this way actually tastes good?

P.S. Check out The Virtual Recipe Collection to see this and other recipes for whole grain breakfast items!

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Alysha said...

Hi Pat. Funny, just before coming down here to read this, I was setting the timer some steel-cut oats in my rice cooker for breakfast tomorrow. I was standing there wondering what different things I could do with oatmeal. I'll have to see about modifying your recipe to the rice cooker. Tonight, I decided to use a bit of ginger and cardamom to kick up the flavor. I'll post your link tomorrow night. Thanks!