Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ok, for all you people who let your pets outdoors at night unfenced and unleashed, do you sometimes lose track of your pet? If so, you need a pet blinker! (me too) They're inexpensive at retail and doubly cheap on Ebay, so we have no excuse. I'm buying one right away!

The Cool Tools website is amazingly fun. I think I'll put a link to it in my sidebar, that's how much I like it. Subscribe on your RSS feeder and see all the cool stuff that people find. Often it's books, and I've never yet bought one of them, but it's been fun going to Amazon and poking around inside them.

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Kalyn said...

Hey thanks for the recommendation on Vegetables every day. It reminded me that I have completely forgotten to add a link for your blog on my sidebar. Sorry about that. I meant to do it a long time ago. I'll get on it.