Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tables make great caves ...

Simba loves to sleep under our table, even while we're eating there. Stretched out, he barely fits between the legs if he uses the base as a pillow. Hey, the Japanese use wooden blocks for pillows (or used to, anyway) so what's so weird about that?

Of course, when we're eating there, he doesn't sleep all that soundly. After all, there might be some doggy business to do, cleaning up accidentally dropped food. Amazingly, he doesn't go for the food bits until he's told he may, or we leave the table. Yes, I know, he really is the best doggie in the world.

See a previous picture of Simba

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Paz said...

Who would have known? Table DO make great caves, don't they? LOL! Hi there! Thanks for stopping at my blog and de-lurking. I was really excited about that. ;-) Last time I was here you were off to India. I see you've written a little about India below. I look forward to returning here and being able to take my time to read about it and all the other tidbits you've posted. Have a good week!


PatL said...

Hi, Paz, thanks for stopping by, and for your interest in my India trip! I'm afraid it's taking me much more time than I'd have liked to record all my India experiences, and at this point of course they're getting a little blurry. I regret that I didn't feel safe taking my laptop with me, because I had plenty of time while there to blog. But I was concerned about security for it, and looking back, I still don't think I'd take it. So, the memories fade, but I have the pictures! I've started a post about the amazing process of buying carpets that will be posted soon, and that will probably have to be the last long one. So, I'll probably do a posting soon with lots of pics and short comments, to try to round out the memories of the trip. I do it as much for myself as for anything else. I don't want to forget!

So do check back! Do you use an RSS feeder like Bloglines, by any chance? It's wonderful how it lets me with postings from bloggers I enjoy. I know the instant you've posted!

Have a good week yourself! We've got a lovely snow coming down, after two weeks of warm weather that melted all the pretty snow and left everything looking anything but pretty. So we're happy here!