Friday, June 30, 2006

Not you, too, John!!

Got this forwarded to me today. Geesh, now who am I going to vote for??

Dear ________,

Your senator, John Sununu, was the deciding vote AGAINST Internet freedom during a key vote this week in the Senate Commerce Committee.

The committee voted 11 to 11 on the Snowe/Dorgan proposal to preserve Net Neutrality-one vote shy of passage. Your senator voted to let companies like AT&T put tollbooths on the Internet and gain more control over what you see and do online. The fight to preserve the free and open Internet now moves to the full Senate.

Please call Sen. Sununu today and say "shame on you" for opposing the Snowe-Dorgan Internet freedom proposal. Tell him to oppose any bill in the full Senate that doesn't protect Net Neutrality. Here is the number:

Senator John Sununu
Phone: 202-224-2841

After you call your senator's Washington, D.C. office, you can also call your local district office by clicking the above link. If you get voicemail, you can leave a message-they will get it.

Senator Sununu took $45,552 in contributions this election cycle from
big telecommunications companies, according to, and then sided with
them in yesterday's vote.

Senators who voted yesterday had a clear choice between siding with big money or siding with their constitutents. While 1 million everyday people petitioned Congress to save Net Neutrality, big
telecommunications companies like AT&T gave nearly 1 million dollars in campaign contributions to members of the Senate Commerce Committee this election cycle. Politicians need to be held accountable for making the wrong choice.


Kalyn said...

Isn't it sad how they don't seem to be listening to the people who use the internet on this issue? (Of course out here in Utah I don't expect much from the lousy representatives we have, but that a whole other topic!)

Anonymous said...

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