Friday, June 30, 2006

captions roundup #4

What's he up to?
Sheesh! I forgot to do the roundup for the captions given to this picture. I was waiting for a few more captions to roll in, but they never did, and then my middle-aged brain forgot to follow up! Sorry 'bout that! If a caption occurs to you as you look at this, feel free to add yours and I'll just update this post.

The lovelier and lovelier Lynne ventriloquizes:
I've got the golden color, I've got the flowing mane, now all I have to do is work on the roar and word will spread quickly through rodentville, "Beware of the Lion!"
Barbara joins in the lion riff:
I am SIMBA! Hear me roar!
Paz projects illusions of grandeur:
I'm King of the worlddddd!
Margaret shifts from roar to yukkin' it up:
Ha, ha, ha, ha, did you see the look on that squirrel's face when he turned around and saw me? It was SOOOO funny!!!
And I just had to join the laugher:
Stop, stop, you guys are killing me! No, wait, let me tell you this one, did you hear the one about the chipmunk that slipped on the banana peel? Hoo, boy, gotta wipe my eyes a minute, haven't laughed so hard since the cat belly-flopped in the swimming pool! Har, har, har! ...

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Cyndi said...

He really does look like a lion -- especially in the sphinx-like pose further down your page! Looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen. I'm so envious. I have a wooden kitchen - even the countertops. Therefore, they get wet, grungy, etc. I really want solid rock-type countertops. No tiles, though. Had white ones like yours in my old house-filthy grout, too.