Friday, June 30, 2006

updated directions to big fatty's in hartford, vermont

I've been getting quite a few hits on this blog from people who evidently are searching for a website for Big Fatty's. The next time I'm in there, I'll have to see if we can work out a deal: I'll make them a website if they'll guarantee me a steady supply of ribs! In the meantime, here's what I recall about how to find them:
UPDATE! Sheesh, I've been giving wrong directions. Big Fatty's is on Maple Street in Hartford, which is also known as Route 14. Best to use the link Big Fatty supplied (below), as I am obviously ALL WET when it comes to directions! (But the Huz could've told you that!)
Big FattyHimself has left a link to a Mapquest map. Here's how to get there ... now do it!

And the lovely Ilsa commented that if you know how to find the Elk's Club, you've found Big Fatty's, because they're right next door.

There. I hope I've made up for all the misdirection! Sorry, folks!


paz said...

You mean people are confusing Big Fatty's with PatL's? Hmm, interesting.

Yeah, try to get a steady supply of ribs deal. Sounds only fair to me. ;-)))


Big Fatty said...

Ok, OK... here's a link to a google map showing our humble little bbq joint..,+hartford+vt&ie=UTF8&ll=43.661849,-72.344584&spn=0.014467,0.042915&om=1
Big Fatty

Ilsa said...

for all you local yokels out there, and I am one of them, if you know where the Elk's Club is in Hartford Village, then you can get to Big Fatty's. It's right next door! Back in the good old days, it used to be a little store called Fred and Harry's, but whoa I am dating myself now! lol