Thursday, June 29, 2006

train stuck in the station

So, we were steaming along nicely with the kitchen project. Contractors miraculously became available, the sink came right on time, I found the faucet on Ebay for an amazing price, the soap dispenser was here on time, I got an appointment with the templater for Wednesday, it all looked really good, full steam ahead! And then someone pulled the hydraulic brakes, and wham! It all jerked to a stop.

Did you notice the flaw in the previous paragraph?

Yep. The faucet never arrived. The templater came and went without templating, because the faucet never arrived. I've been in repeated, sometimes heated discussions with my Ebay seller about the fact that there's a $100 penalty for rescheduling the templater, and since it's two weeks after the sale and the item hasn't even shipped yet, shouldn't s/he perhaps think about doing something for me on the price of the faucet? But even that discussion was premature, because as far as I can tell, despite what I believe are his/her good intentions, the faucet still hasn't shipped!

So why did I not notice this and cancel the templater before the penalty period, you might ask? It's all a big mixup. I got notified that something was arriving here by FedEx on Saturday, but it didn't come till Tuesday night. I thought it was going to be the faucet, but it turned out the package contained the custom grids for the sink. Nice to have, but not needed for the templater!

I'm going to name names here. The seller's nom de seller is COMKARAASLAN. I don't care what his/her feedback score is --- 100% before I came along! --- do not buy from this person!

I've finally purchased the faucet from another wonderful seller,, who answers his phone and has done his darnedest to get that faucet shipped out tonight via FedEx expedited service. I could have it tomorrow. If not, because of the holidays, I won't have it till Wednesday. And the templater won't even set another appointment with me till I tell him it's in hand.

So, bottom line ... about two more weeks without a workable kitchen. And even then, it will be only a slapped-together temporary kitchen, waiting three more weeks until the countertops can be installed and the kitchen goes back to normal!

I guess I should have known it was all too good to be true. Dreams die hard, though.


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Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

What a shame. I've had only one bad experience with a seller on EBAY. Took the woman three weeks to mail my stuff and when I left her a less than stellar rating she threw it back on me. Geesh.

Glad you were able to get another faucet quickly. I can only imagine how anxious you are to get the kitchen up and running again (At least I'd be)