Monday, August 07, 2006

For now we see as through a screen door, darkly

Simba is so doggone cute as he waits at the back door to be let in. He knows he gets a treat as soon as he gets inside, so he's eager but rarely impatient. Sometimes he licks his chops in anticipation. As soon as he sees me heading toward the door, up go the ears, there's a coming-to-attention pose, sometimes there's a little dance. I've often wanted to capture that, but as soon as the camera comes out, his whole attitude changes. This time, though, I held the camera in one hand and reached for the treats in another, so I could capture his cuteness for you. Sorry about the screen door darkening the photos, though.

Notice how his tail is up in the earlier pictures, and then it begins to droop as he obviously wonders if he's ever going to be let in. But the hope always shines through in those eyes.


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

He is so adorable! How can you not resist that little face.

paz said...

I'm excited you were able to catch this on the camera. I have the same problem when my dogs are doing something cute or just plain looking cute but as soon as I pull out the camera, fuggedaboudid. The moment is gone. ;-(

I love all your shots!


paz said...

p.S. Did those dogs you posted about find a home? I hope so.

Also, in this heat does Simba get a haircut?


PatL said...

Hey, Paz,

Yes, they did! The collie went to a farm with room to run, absolutely perfect. The older dog was able to stay with his owner after all. So it all turned out OK. Thanks for asking!

And no, Simba doesn't get a haircut. I try to keep up with brushing him, though, so his fur isn't so thick. And during the hottest days we keep the A/C on. So, believe me, this little guy doesn't suffer!

Stew said...
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Stew said...

Very cute shots, especially since I see similar behavior at our house. We have the advantage of having a slider so I can shoot them through the glass.

Here's my best shot through the slider, though it's the neighbor's dog:

Heidi wants to come in