Saturday, August 12, 2006

Simba caption not-contest #5

Can you help Simba express himself? He clearly has something very important on his mind ... what do you suppose he is muttering to himself? Or what will he say when he lifts his head and looks you right in the eye?
OK, all you creative types, leave your quotes in the comment section; I'll summarize when time permits, no promises about when because I have company coming into town tonight and keeping me busy for a couple of weeks! Posting will no doubt slow down a bit during this time as well.


Anonymous said...

Acadia says the following:

He's eating leaves and grass and saying "Woof, woof!" to the sky.


Like that.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

"Ok, If I remember correctly, the bone I buried last month is four paces from the back porch, then ten paces east towards the trees. Aha, I is this the spot?!"

Lynne said...

Oh yeah, this smells like the perfect spot. I would look absolutely majestic lying here amongst the dandelions.

Stew said...

"Ooo a nice smelly spot to roll in!

Mom doesn't like it but she can't see me, right?"