Tuesday, August 22, 2006

still on vaca ...

I'm just back from a three-day whirlwind tour of The Big Apple, my absolute favorite city in the entire world ... although Paris might give it a run for its money. My sister and I were so lucky to be invited to stay in the apartment of a friend who lives in the upper East Village while she and her husband were at their little home in Connecticut. It was such a pleasure to have an apartment to come home to, rather than a hotel room. And you can't beat the view from their living room either ... yep, that's the Empire State Building. How fabulous is that? We enjoyed seeing it in all its colors and moods. Unfortunately, our nighttime shots were a little blurry, but here's a shot that gives you an idea of how incredibly glorious it is at night.

And to top it all off, we were able to visit with Martha at a fabulous Turkish dinner the night we arrived, and then visited her at her office Monday morning before we left. My only regret is thatI forgot to contact fellow blogger Paz before we left for the city to figure out how to connect with her. Paz! I am so bummed about that!

I feel a bit like a flea on a hot griddle, never settling anywhere for too long. With my sister's visit, we were here a few days, at the lake a few days, down in NYC a few days, all great times. She and her family got on a plane this morning, and I'm here till tomorrow noon and then I'm on the road again to do some cooking for a crowd at The Fold. Then back for a few days, and off again for Labor Day weekend.

I don't mind telling you, I'm looking forward to some concentrated time at home in September. Anyway, just thought I'd zip off this little love note to you all and say "au revoir" for a short time. The end of summer draws near ... here's hoping you're all ready for whatever autumn is bringing your way!

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Paz said...

Sorry I missed you, but I'm glad you had a nice time. Love your pics!