Thursday, August 31, 2006

GRAND Central

This post is an homage to Paz of The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz. She always is so generous with her pictures of "The City," and those of us who love Manhattan are refreshed in our love for it all over again. I had the pleasure of returning "home" to the city a week or so ago, accompanied by my beloved sister who had never been there, and it was just so great to be there and to share it with her!

Grand Central train station is completely gorgeous, inside and out. Not only that, there's a world class restaurant that you MUST EAT AT once in your lifetime, the Oyster Bar Restaurant. And no, it's not only an oyster bar, it's fabulous, fabulous foods of all kinds. Trust me. It's worth several trips.

We were so disappointed when we returned there on Sunday to find it closed. On a three-day trip to the city with a million restaurants, we'd have had two dinners at Oyster Bar if we could have. And I guess that's all I need to say about that.

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paz said...

OH, WOW!!! Love your pics!!! You know I've heard so much about the Oyster Bar Restaurant but never been there before. Maybe one day. I'm sorry the restaurant was closed when you went there. That's so rare in a city where everything is almost always open 24/7. I guess this is one of the exceptions.