Monday, October 30, 2006

cloudy monday #1

It seems as if most people around here dislike November, because it tends to be cloudy and thus gloomy. I've always liked it. November clouds seem magnificent to me, full of majesty and character, unlike most summer clouds.

This year, we've had November clouds in October. It's truly been a banner month for them. So I've decided to start a "cloudy monday" theme here on my blog. Each Monday, I'll post one of the photos I've taken of clouds. If you'd like to join in, just send me a link to your cloud pictures and I'll add them to mine the following Monday. If nobody else joins, well, that's OK. I just want to share these shots with you.

The picture above was taken Thursday. I parked on a quiet overpass on I-89 and took shot after shot of the changing clouds to the south of me. They seemed to be swirling: the ones to the left were clearly moving to the right, and the ones on the right were moving to the left. Somehow I happened upon them right in the middle of all this excitation.

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Joe said...

What a brilliant photo Pat!