Tuesday, October 17, 2006

picture of "Connie"

For those of you who asked for a picture or two of the play, here are a few from the rather chaotic finale. Sorry they're not the greatest quality; it's not easy to take photos of a brilliantly-lit stage from a dark theater. I'm just glad to have any pictures at all!

At this point in the play, Connie has poor Alan in a complete dither, convinced she's going to leave him and go to Europe for a fling. This playboy, who thought he was the player, has been played. But she's not just bluffing. If he doesn't decide he wants to settle down, and decide it right now, by Thursday she'll be on a plane to Europe. That's what you see in the rather cool look on her face in the picture on the left. In the picture on the right, he's pleading with her not to go, and she's listening, but so far she hasn't heard the magic words.

Then the phone rings, and he has to take it. She retreats to the couch to consider her position. She has just about decided he's not to be believed; he's still playing games and it's time to just give up and move on. Meantime, his mom, his dad and brother Buddy confer, listen, heckle, whatever. It's quite the Looney Tunes family she's contemplating joining here.

Finally, in a scene that wasn't photographed, he proposes, she accepts, all conflicts are resolved, and everyone leaves to go to a party except Buddy, who's expecting a girl to come by any moment. And there's a quick funny moment at the very end after we're all gone, the doorbell rings, and he rushes over suavely to open it, only to find ... only to find ... but I don't want to spoil ALL the surprises for you!


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

The pictures are great!

Lynne said...

Those pictures are awesome and you look fantastic! You should be so proud of yourself because it's not many that have the nerve or the talent to get up on stage and I am just so impressed by you.

I really wish I could have seen it in person!