Friday, October 13, 2006

coming soon ...

A while ago, I promised to post some green bean recipes, a pictorial about an ursine visitor, and who knows what else, once the play was done. But there was such a huge backlog of work and home and friend pent-up demand, all the stuff I couldn't do while doing the play, that my hours are just flying by without getting anything other than the briefest of posts up. Like this one. But this weekend, or at the latest early next week, I will at least write about the bear & the beans!

Last night, later than was wise, I was going through all the bear photos. She visited us on September 25th (I remember the date because it's my sis's birthday and I sent her an email saying, "Look who came by to wish you a happy birthday!") and I put the camera on speed shooting and took over 100 shots. I wish I could post them all; she has such a cute personality and it shows in nearly every picture. But I weeded it down to about a dozen or so, and now I just need to put the post together. Thanks for your patience, it will be rewarded!

And I promise, the green bean recipe is a total winner: quick and easy and really, really yummy. Here's a hint: pick up some walnut oil if you don't already have it, and with some chopped walnuts, fresh green beans, and a few other items probably already have in the house, you will be poised to make the recipe the day it is posted!

I think in the marketing business this post would be called a teaser, but I really just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten, in case there was anyone out there wondering if I was ever going to follow through with my promises!

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