Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Even though Simba sternly rebuffed me the last time I broached the subject of a Halloween costume, this morning I just couldn't resist asking him again. Now, Simba has a very soft spot in his heart for grandmothers. They are soft, and gentle, and make sweet murmuring sounds when they see him. They sneak him little bits of food when I'm not looking, knowing full well that a grandmother has license to break rules that others must obey. When he rolls over on his back they ooo and ah over his tummy and simply cannot resist reaching for it. Yes, grandmothers are a special lot.

So when I showed him the babushka kerchief, and asked if I could take a picture of him in it, I could see the memories in his eyes. Look, you can almost see a grandmotherly figure in his right eye, right there, see?

He let me tie the kerchief on without complaint. He even consented to look right into the camera.

Simbabushka. It's probably exactly what his own dear grandmother looked like, don't you think?

Hey, dog lovers! This Sunday night, we can expect to see lots of canine hijinks over at Weekend Dog Blogging at Sweetnick's place. Head on over for head shots, tummy shots, jump shots and what nots!


ilsa said...

LOL, i was thinking at first that Simba was looking very piratical. Avast thar mateys!

Ed Tep said...

PatL - OMG. I definitely don't think I want to get on Grandma Simba's bad side. I'll be good. I promise! heh heh. BTW - Rocco says thanks for casting a vote for him on WDB. He also wants you to know that if you are ever in trouble, just use the Bat-Rocco signal.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

I laughed out loud when I saw Simbabushka. We do something similar with Sophie and the blanket by putting it over the top of her head like a scarf. She looks like a little old grandma too.

PatL said...

No, no, Ed, don't let his snaggle teeth fool you. He can't help them. Just look at those sweet eyes!

Ilsa, Barbara, glad to sponsor a belly laugh for ya!

ilsa said...

i keep wanting to take the little upper lip and bring it over that tooth, lol

PatL said...

ilsa: you and me both! whenever I do, he licks his lips and it settles back into the same place. sigh.