Thursday, July 20, 2006

looking for a home ...

I've just learned of two very nice dogs who each need a home (separately).

One is a beautiful five-month-old golden collie, with papers, female, not spayed. She needs a place where she can run. Animals to herd would be even better. She's good with kids, has a kennel to stay in when she's home alone. Obviously, at this age, she has a LOT of energy but she's a sweet girl, very trainable. It's a great chance to get a nice purebred pet.

The other is a mix of standard poodle (black) and some sort of terrier. As you can see, he looks more like the terrier than the poodle! He's housebroken, neutered, a few years old, and I'm told he's a very well-behaved dog. I'm guessing he's about 50 pounds. He's good with kids as long as they're a bit older, say 7 and up. Very loyal and affectionate with his owners. He doesn't necessarily need a lot of room to run, although of course that's always good for dogs.

Their owner has had a life change that has resulted in not having a place to keep these dogs. They are temporarily living with a relative, who cannot keep them much longer. If you would like more information, please email me at pat DOT langille AT gmail DOT com. And please tell all your friends who live in the area. We don't want to have to send these nice dogs to the Humane Society.

Thank you.


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

I hope they find a good home. We got Sophie from the DC animal shelter nearly 4 years ago and she's been the light of our lives. In fact all the dogs in my family have been strays or pound puppies.

Nellie said...

I am hoping to be able to adopt Casper. But please people look at that Collie, a gorgous dog, who needs a new home, where she can run and enjoy life.