Wednesday, July 26, 2006

more changes to the ol' homestead

Our bathroom faucets, 20 years old, have started to drip a little, and they're so fused to the sink that the plumber wasn't sure he could get them off to fix them without destroying them. Well, what the heck, I never liked that one-ball-in-the-middle style anyway. The Huz and I went out & picked out a couple of new Delta faucets, and today the plumber installed them.

Below is the before (in one bathroom) and the after (in another). It's nice to get that done ... now I have to go clean up after the plumber! (Blog first, clean up last, how's that for priorities?)

old faucet

new faucet


Eva said...

I LOVE your new faucet! We have the same as your old faucet in our bathroom. I've been thinking of how much I'd like a new one. The ball-type one is so hard for the kids to use. And it's dated.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Very nice! That's the kind that I want to replace our nasty old faucets with. They have a little bit of a higher profile so you can actually get your hands under the faucet without being at the bottom of the sink.

mari said...

I scrolled down the page slowly from old to new and ta-dah! Love the new one!

Paz said...

New faucet looks very nice. Big difference! ;-)