Tuesday, July 11, 2006

more happy pictures

Water, blessed water! No more clinking my glasses and china against our very small bathroom sink as they're washed, wondering when one is going to break. (None did, thank goodness.) No more draining half-empty soda cans into the toilet ... two steps to the kitchen sinks and down the drain they go! No more trying to fill pitchers from the bathtub without splashing myself. No more hauling large houseplants to the bathroom to be watered in the tub (although I think they did appreciate being watered in the shower; I might keep doing that occasionally!) No more abstaining from cooking! You should see the pile of pizza boxes in our basement!

WATER running in my kitchen SINK! Bliss!

I post this picture to show that not all plumbers provide unwanted glimpses of too-large posterior body parts. Look at these nice trim young men! They are a credit to their industry, and not just because of their physique. Sorry to keep raving about Peachtree Builders, but really, they're so great to work with. Cheerful, competent, prompt, courteous, thorough, honest, and to top it all off, good explainers. From a customer perspective, these guys are keepers!

Full disclosure: Rich, the owner of PB, is a long-time friend. But I'm not getting any special deals, and I'm confident that other customers get the same treatment I'm getting. It's just in his DNA. Thanks, Rich! It's so great to work with a builder you trust.

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