Tuesday, July 11, 2006

two days till a live audience!

Yikes! Tonight will be our first full dress rehearsal. There will be one more, tomorrow, and then a dress rehearsal before a live audience of senior citizens who get to see the show for half price. They're typically a VERY encouraging crowd, I hear, so it should be fun even if I flub stuff.

Last night we did a "costume rehearsal", which means we tried to run through the play including doing our costume changes. It's a great idea, because we discovered lots of places where it's not possible to change costumes without holding up the progress of the show. So now, I will be a character who apparently goes to a party one night and shows up for an interview the next day in the same dress. Hopefully nobody will assume I had an illicit assignation that night!

I also discovered that I'm probably going to have to duck out of that interview early if I'm to make my next costume change.

Flexibility is key! We'll probably still be changing things even after the first live performance, as we discover/think of better ways to do things.

I didn't dance too badly last night. I still made mistakes in both my dances, but they were relatively small ones. One of them I can easily remedy. The other is what one of the cast calls "the booger measures." Four measures where the steps are just plain hard. I can't be sure I won't continue to flub those, but I sure as heck intend to smile so hard that they'll look at my face and nothing else!!

Just because I made few mistakes doesn't mean I look like a pro, of course, but at this point I'm ready to settle for not embarrassing myself!

Now I'm off to a meeting with the hair & makeup gal. I may decide after this that I have to shorten my hair dramatically (a little theater word, you know ), but I'm hoping she has better ideas than that! I'll keep you posted.

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