Monday, July 17, 2006

sing | tap | move arms | smile

Fellow blogher Marla tells of a sign she once saw in the print shop that said

Good | Cheap | Fast
Pick Two

Ha! When it comes to the big finale number, for me it's

Sing | Tap | Move arms | Smile
Pick 3

In our rehearsals, I've been able to get the tapping (mostly) and arms moving. As we got into the dress rehearsals, I added smiling, face front. But whenever I tried to add the singing, the dancing went all to heck.

Unfortunately, it appears there are others who are in the same boat, and when we all don't sing, the sound drops off considerably. The sound tech added microphones to the leads, who sing in the wings while waiting for their smashing entrance (the crowd goes wild!) in the middle of the finale. But we still were encouraged to really belt out that Singin' In The Rain.

Friday night, I didn't sing, and I did pretty well with the finale. Saturday night I took the exhortations to heart and tried to sing. Big mistake. It totally threw me off during what a fellow cast member calls "the booger measures" because they're a booger to do. And when you get thrown off there, it's pretty noticeable, because there are four leaps in those 32 beats, two to each side, so if you leap at the wrong time or to the wrong side, you stick out like a sore thumb.

Waaaa! Saturday night there were quite a number of folks in the audience who know me, so their eyes were probably on me as I leapt wrong! Waaaaa!

Yesterday I resolved that my one little voice doesn't mean that much to the grand total of the sound. I smiled really hard, sang when I knew I could do it without messing up, and hit all the leaps and steps. So, sorry, music director, I'm gonna have to not sing. The crowd won't notice if I'm not singing, or at least not in any way that's directly attributable to me, but they sure as shootin' will notice if I leap left when everyone else leaps right!

I think there's a good chance of getting some shots of the show so I'll post them if I do. I intended to get a shot of the green room for you last night, but when I pulled out my camera I discovered the batteries were dead, so that'll have to wait till next week. Meantime, I leave you with this somewhat posed shot of me in my clown costume. Check out them fake eyelashes, man!

Now I'm off to H0me Dep0t to see if I can get my countertop order straightened out. Grrr.

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Barbara (Biscuit Girl) said...

Great outfit. Glad your performances went well.